Street Art

via di santo spritio Florence

A portfolio of Street Art on my travels in the UK and Europe…I hope you are inspired as I by this incredible art…………………

On a wall in Southville….More amazing street art by Kobra -see both photos to experience the scale of this work of art !

This is such a stunning mural from the 2018 Upfest Street Art Festival in Bristol by artist Louis Masai that he has done before on walls around the world …… He draws attention to the plight of natural habitats such as coral reefs which are being damaged by humans. What a beautiful portrayal of the sad and tragic state of our oceans and your powerful call for change- thank you

On a recent visit to Winchester I came upon this amazing sculpture created by Marzia Colonna, the Kite Flyer. It is a bronze figure of a young man joyfully flying a gilded kite whilst walking across a bridge which spans Parchment Street in Winchester at a height of nearly six metres- such a light filled happy discovery!

Another stunning piece of work by a Bristol street artist- on the side wall of a pub in North street! Many thanks to you ….quite amazing

Amazing street art by Irony at the Redpoint Climbing Centre Bristol- see both shots